Introducing your new Trustee Directors, Kate and Stephen

21 September 2022

We’d like to introduce you to Kate Upcraft, your new Member-Nominated Trustee Director (MNTD) and Stephen Spellman, your new Company-Nominated Trustee Director. Kate and Stephen joined the Trustee Board in April 2022.

Kate Upcraft

Kate was appointed as an MNTD following the nomination and selection process that took place at the beginning of the year. She worked at M&S for over 20 years, leaving as Payroll Legislation Manager. Until recently, Kate ran her own lecturing and consultancy business focused on pensions, payroll and HR.

What made you apply for the role of a Trustee Director?

I was fortunate enough to become a member of the scheme at age 18 when I joined the company as a management trainee. I met my husband at M&S and we were both active members for more than 20 years. Being a Trustee Director means I’m able to help make sure other members could rely on the financial security which the scheme provides to my husband and I.

How do you feel now that you have been in the role for six months?

A huge responsibility has been placed on me to represent members, so I will continue to devote as much time as possible to developing my pensions knowledge so that I can act as a ‘critical friend’ in all my work as a trustee.

Describe your perfect weekend

As three of my hobbies are cookery, theatre and live music my perfect weekend would start with a cookery class, followed by a matinee of a play and an evening gig of something from the 80s – yes that was my era and I had the frilly shirt and velvet trousers (from M&S of course!) to prove it.

Stephen Spellman

Stephen is currently Head of Internal Audit & Risk at M&S. He’s a qualified accountant and member of the Institute of Internal Auditors with over 30 years’ experience in audit, risk and controls.

What appealed to you about becoming a Trustee Director?

The role of Trustee Director offered the opportunity to play a key role in protecting the interests of the scheme members and help deliver M&S’s responsibilities.

What matters to you most in your role as a Trustee Director?

Acting with the levels of engagement, diligence, genuine interest, and integrity that I would expect from someone in a position of trust looking after my own future.

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working?

Away from the obvious one around spending time with my family, my two passions are football and music. I’ve been a Manchester City season ticket holder since childhood so, having suffered many years in the wilderness, have enjoyed the clubs recent successes. In terms of music, I spend far too much time at gigs that I’m probably getting a little too old for!