Media coverage related to Home Long Income Fund (HLIF)

25 April 2024

The Trustee has been made aware of recent media coverage relating to the Home Long Income Fund (HLIF), in relation to the M&S Pensions Scheme, as one of the property fund investments within the Scheme’s investment portfolio.

We invest the Scheme’s assets in a diverse range of investments and follow a strategy to manage risks whilst delivering investment returns. This approach helps to reduce the impact of an event that affects any one investment. The Scheme invested less than 1% of its assets in the HLIF.

The Trustee’s priority is the security of members’ benefits so that pensions remain secure and unaffected. Importance is also placed on responsible and sustainable investment.

We want to reassure members that the small investment in HLIF has not had any significant impact on the Scheme’s overall funding position and our long-term investment strategy is unchanged.

The Scheme remains in good financial health and we continue to be able to pay pensions as and when they are due.

Visit ‘About the Scheme’ to find out more about how the Scheme is managed.